These songs are dedicated to my sister, Teresa, who passed away in a car accident on January 8th, 2016. 

She was like a mother to me. Her love made me into who I am today. 


Acoustic & Vocals - Brian Bulger 
Violin - Taylor Gibson 
Cello - Aria Morton 
Vocals - Lindsey Holbert 
Electric & Bass - Matt Duffy 
Drums - Luke Ford 

Recorded in Springfield, MO

at Whisper Studios. 

Mastered by Ethereal Mastering. 

Produced by

Brian Bulger and Michael Palmquist. 

All music and lyrics by Brian Bulger.

Released June 21, 2017




These songs are about pain. 
We are all holding on, struggling to keep our fragile lives still. 
Sometimes all we see is the dirt in our lives and relationships, 
but there is value in the struggle. 
Scrape the dirt away and see the gold. 


Acoustic Guitar & Vocals / Brian Bulger 
Violin / Taylor Gibson 
Keys / Phillip Bulger 
Bass & Drums / Dalton O' Connor 
Electric Guitar / Sutton Porth 

Vocalists /  Madeline Hanley 
               Rachel Bulger 
                     Brittany Bradford 

All lyrics and music by Brian Bulger. 

Mixing and mastering by

Audio in Motion.

Recorded in Republic, MO.

Released April 27, 2016.


Uffda Sessions: Bricklayer Heart
It Tapped on the Leaves


 + March 30th   

Kansas City, MO

Ollie's Local w/ Daniel Gum

5-7 PM // FREE



The sound of the beauty and the breaking. The feeling of finally being well, or the chaos of a dark day. I have always focused on being honest and transparent in my writing, never cowering away from the aches and pains of life. I believe this is one of the reasons we are here, to feel. To feel every part of our existence, to take in the beautiful and to stand in the trenches of a broken life.


I mix folk and alternative sounds with spoken word poetry, storytelling, and nostalgia to create carefully crafted songs with a variety of instruments. 

I was born in Tennessee, and I come from a large family of creatives. We moved around a lot, I have lived in 20 different houses in 21 years, and have had to leave a lot of friends behind. I am a songwriter, I write about the things I can't say out loud. Grief, family, bitterness, deep love, regret, longing, friendship, and basically anything that pulls me. I hope you feel what I feel through these sounds, and have a way to say the things you can't explain. 


Photo By: Collin Yung

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